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College Counselling

College Counselling

The College Counselling department consists of College Counsellors who, together with the Head of University Guidance and College Counselling, work to ensure a smooth school-to-university transition.  Each student is assigned to a Counsellor who will oversee their applications from start to finish.

College Counselling will provide Senior School students and their parents with individualised, bespoke advice and support as they navigate their way through the many global university and career options available to them. Insights and unique information from the student’s academic and co-curricular areas of involvement and success provide a supportive platform for students, parents and College Counsellors to work collaboratively to ensure a strong portfolio of university applications is created. Our focus is on the aspirations, needs and desires of each student. University success is achievable because our students are confident, articulate, well-taught, and enjoy a high reputation for academic achievement. Indeed, their exam results are consistently outstanding year by year.

College Counselling is represented at all Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) from Grade 8 upwards, and provides a detailed overview of advice, expectations and recommendations of areas of focus for each grade level at the start of each PTC. Parents are welcome to see the College Counsellor representatives at the PTCs and/or to make individual appointments if they require more time for discussion. Age-appropriate workshops and activities are run approximately monthly for Grades 9 and 10, and with greater frequency for Grades 11 and 12.  These are progressive; encouraging self-awareness, confidence and informed decision-making skills.

Areas of focus with College Counselling guidance are:

Building on self-awareness – personal interests, both academic and co-curricular, long term dreams and goals, why go to university, who decides where to go, what is important for each person?

Introducing financial awareness of university costs and benefits, the range of possibilities, standardardized testing and turning interests into activities which will enhance opportunities.

Starting a University file and folder of achievements and notes.

Learning about resources for researching colleges and universities, attending campus visits and university fairs. 

Updating the University file.

Continuing co-curricular and considering enrichment programmes and/or summer workshops with a specialty focus.

Preparing a plan for standardized testing.

Carefully considering subject options for the IB Diploma.

Planning a schedule and taking standardized tests.

Investigating financial aid and scholarships options.

Continuing and enhancing co-curricular, including community service.

Developing a Resume/Curriculum Vitae, a preliminary list of colleges and a college match tracking chart.

Attending university and campus visits, reflecting on and articulating what is wanted from the college and university experience to refine the University file.

Arranging summer job or internship

Looking at college applications and what is required.

Awareness of different application plans; commencing applications and essays/personal statements.

Considering teacher Letters of Recommendation.

Creating a checklist and calendar

Encouraging student and family assessment of appropriate range of applications.

Guiding the application and admission process.

Clarifying goals and aspirations.

Confirming application plan and timeline.

Completing essay and personal statement requirements.

Practising interview techniques where applicable.