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At TISB, we offer a comprehensive music program spanning the Primary Years, Middle Years, IGCSE, and IBDP.

Music education at TISB is not just about mastering an instrument; it's about nurturing a rich tapestry of cognitive, emotional, and social development. It elevates cognition, bolsters emotional well-being, and cultivates a sense of community and achievement. Whether you approach it as a serious pursuit or a delightful pastime, music has the profound ability to transform individuals and communities alike.

Beyond classroom instruction, our students are provided with abundant opportunities to showcase their musical talents and perform for broader audiences. These opportunities include events like the Vivum festival, the Gala Concert, assemblies, and intimate monthly recitals. Many students also take individual instrumental and vocal lessons, preparing for external graded exams such as Trinity or ABRSM through our program. Moreover, they actively participate in various musical groups:

  • Senior Choir Club: A chorus for senior school students focusing on harmonious singing across various styles and genres.
  • Jazz Club: A student-led club with a performance-oriented approach, analyzing and rearranging jazz standards for captivating performances.
  • Orchestral Strings Ensemble: Exploring various string instruments and rehearsing ensemble pieces, students opt for the Violin, Viola, or Double Bass.
  • Guitar Ensemble: Welcoming both beginners and experienced players, this group primarily plays multi-part melodies and themes.
  • Piano-Keyboard Club: Leveraging technology for contemporary music, this club composes, arranges, and transcribes orchestral performances using keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers.
  • PY Choir Club: An inclusive community of grade 3-5 students who share a passion for singing.

Benefits of Joining Music Clubs:

  • Musical Growth: Regardless of your proficiency level, our clubs provide an environment to nurture musical knowledge and performance skills.
  • Community: Music has a unique power to unite people. Joining our club means becoming part of a supportive, friendly, and creative community of students who share your passion.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Members can take on leadership roles within the club, offering valuable leadership skills and experiences for the future.
  • Fun and Friendship: In addition to creating beautiful music together, you'll have an abundance of fun! The bonds formed here often last a lifetime.

Embrace the world of music at TISB, where we believe in the transformative power of harmonious notes and collective creativity.