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At TISB we believe in fostering well-rounded individuals, and our trips programme is just one of the many ways we encourage curiosity, exploration, and a love for learning in our Primary Years students. Through these trips, we aim to nurture their inquisitive minds, develop their character and instill values that extend far beyond the classroom walls. 

In PY, we believe in the power of experiential learning, and our students certainly do not miss out on the adventure. Our trips programme for students in Pre-KG to Grade 5 is designed to offer memorable, educational experiences beyond the classroom. 

  • Pre-KG to Grade 5: Exploring Through Day Trips 

The day trips are organised and supervised by teachers or school staff and are designed to align with the curriculum while fostering personal growth and social development. Even our youngest learners in Pre-KG to KG get to embark on exciting day trips at least once a term. These outings are thoughtfully chosen, bringing learning to life in a hands-on way. Whether it's a visit to a local farm to understand the concept of 'Farm to Table' or exploring Visvesvaraya Industrial Technological Museum or Botanical Gardens of Bangalore, these day trips add a vibrant dimension to their learning journey. 

  • Grade 3: Overnight school camping  

An overnight school camp is an exciting and educational adventure that allows students to immerse themselves in nature, build important life skills, and create lasting memories with their peers. These activities are organised and supervised by teachers or school staff, and they provide students with a unique opportunity to learn and grow outside of the traditional classroom environment. It's a chance to develop essential life skills, from setting up tents to cooking outdoors, all while connecting with nature. 

  • Grade 4-5: The Adventure of Residential Trips 

For students in Grade 4 to Grade 5, the adventure goes a step further with our Residential Trips Programme. These trips are carefully curated to provide not only an enriching educational experience but also a sense of independence and teamwork. Here are some of the exciting destinations and activities our students have recently experienced: Skandagiri, Ramanagara and Yercaud.  

The primary goal for the residential trips programme is to immerse students in a realm where they actively engage in enriching outdoor experiences. While the destinations we explore are remarkable, our unwavering focus is on nurturing teamwork, honing problem-solving skills, and delivering hands-on encounters that ignite personal growth.


  • Grades 6, 7 and 8 

Our Grades 6, 7, and 8 students embark on a thrilling 4-day adventure that transcends the traditional classroom setting. During this trip, students engage in a variety of team-building activities designed to strengthen their bonds, improve communication, and develop leadership skills. They tackle challenges such as ropes courses, wilderness survival simulations, and group problem-solving tasks. These activities not only promote collaboration but also teach students the importance of adaptability, perseverance, and effective communication. 

In addition to team-building activities, our students gain hands-on experience in various outdoor pursuits such as hiking, orienteering, and camping. These experiences allow them to connect with nature, develop self-sufficiency, and appreciate the value of sustainability and environmental stewardship. By stepping outside their comfort zones, students develop resilience and a sense of accomplishment, further enhancing their overall character. 


  • Grade 9

Grade 9 students embark on an immersive 5-day journey that combines academic and experiential learning. This trip is carefully designed to align with the International Baccalaureate's Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) program, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. 

During their adventure, students engage in a range of activities that promote personal growth and service to the community. These activities may include volunteer work, cultural immersion experiences, and physical challenges. 

  •  Grade 11 - 5 Day Trip 

The Grade 11 trip is a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond the typical classroom curriculum. This excursion is part of the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, allowing students to explore important aspects of CAS while fostering personal development and global awareness. 

In previous trips, students have participated in activities such as: 

1. Service Projects: Engaging in volunteer work to make a positive impact on local communities or environmental conservation efforts. 

2. Cultural Experiences: Immersing themselves in the culture and traditions of the destination, including interactions with local communities and exploration of historical sites. 

3. Physical Challenges: Undertaking physical activities like hiking, rafting, or adventure sports to push their limits and enhance their physical fitness. 

4. Leadership Development: Participating in workshops and challenges designed to develop leadership skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. 

5. Reflective Journals: Keeping journals to reflect on their experiences, personal growth, and the connections between their activities and the CAS programme. 

These trips offer our Grade 11 students a unique opportunity to explore the world, expand their horizons, and develop into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on society. 

At our school, these trips are not just adventures; they are transformative experiences that empower students to become responsible, compassionate, and global citizens. We are committed to providing our students with opportunities for growth, learning, and personal development beyond the classroom. 


"Travelling to Coorg with my entire grade is something that has etched a special place in my heart. From the journey from school to Coorg, to places we stopped at to eat, to the activities planned and even the smallest of details like the comfort of buses, nothing was left unplanned. Every day, we did as many activities as we could possibly do. Rafting, trekking, team-building activities like treasure hunt. The trip has taught me several crucial skills like fitness, punctuality, discipline and most importantly, teamwork. I hope to go on another trip like this one sometime in the near future." - Nipun Agarwal (Head Boy AY 2023-24)


At TISB, education goes beyond the classroom walls and the school academic year. We offer diverse and enriching experiences, designed to ignite curiosity, encourage exploration, and nurture holistic development in our students. 

From our impactful CAS trip to Bali, where students become global citizens, to our participation in the prestigious NUS Economics Summer Camp, where young minds interact with the finest academic minds, our Berlin – Krakow Trip where the students learned about the rich cultural heritage of Germany and our thrilling Spiti adventure, promising personal growth amidst stunning landscapes – these stories embody our commitment to offering more than just education. 

At TISB, we believe in creating well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also embrace the values of empathy, cultural awareness, and a thirst for knowledge.