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Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB
Boarding at TISB

Boarding at TISB

TISB has a thriving boarding community which makes up a quarter of our pupils, some of whose parents live abroad and some who live in Bangalore but choose to board. Boarding at TISB is a great way to take advantage of all that the school has to offer, both from an academic point of view as well as the numerous clubs and activities on offer after the school day. Boarding at TISB starts from Grade 5 onwards. 

Boarders live in one of three boarding houses; each one being staffed by experienced House staff with the boarding houses rapidly becoming a happy home-away-from-home and fellow boarders becoming an extended family. Boarders are encouraged to achieve their true potential and develop valuable skills and qualities such as communication, teamwork, leadership, empathy and cultural understanding. 

In the boarding community at TISB we maintain an open environment of mutual trust with each boarder and member of staff being treated with respect and as an individual. Strong community values are nurtured regardless of age, race, religion or social background. Boarders are encouraged to take care of each other and their ‘home’ and respect each person’s right to privacy. Of equal importance is the recognition that each person is unique, and the development of individual talents is positively encouraged. 

TISB Boarding Brochure 

In JBIH we aim to make boarding fun, safe, rewarding and provide many opportunities for developing independence and increasing maturity. It is a place where firm friendships are forged and where boys are supported fully through emotional, physical and personal challenges by caring and dedicated staff. 

Boys will be encouraged to complete homework and aspire to do the best they can in their studies, as well as exert their excess energy on the sports field or other co-curricular activity.  JBIH provides an environment that allows boys to flourish in a supportive and cared for environment.

Boys in BIH are encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability and combine that with a healthy approach to sport and co-curricular activities.  House staff aim to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment, allowing the boys to extend their intellectual and emotional development in an atmosphere of positive encouragement.

Communal spaces are available for the boys to socialise and relax when they are not out on the sports field or engaged in an academic enrichment activity. Responsibility and leadership is encouraged to ensure that the boys are well-prepared for their life beyond TISB.

The Girls’ International Boarding House is situated in a leafy quiet area of the campus and radiates a friendly and warm atmosphere.  Girls are able to dedicate time to their studies as well as participate in numerous co-curricular activities on offer, ranging from aviation and basketball, to entrepreneurship and contemporary dance.  

Boarding in GIH enables girls to have fun, try new things, make choices that matter and take responsibility for themselves. Through boarding they are given the tools to learn how to be more resilient and prepare to face life after school.  GIH stands out for providing girls with a unique combination of healthy aspiration and rigour with a homely environment created and sustained by students and staff alike.

At TISB our boarders are at the heart of the school and our thriving community of 300 students is testament to our success. 

It’s not an easy decision to make, but with many of our boarder families choosing TISB on the strength of personal recommendation from past and current students, we know we can offer a positive and safe boarding experience both for boarders and their parents. It’s a wonderful opportunity for any child to reach their potential, grow in independence and confidence and make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Aiming this in mind, from the academic year 2023-24 we are introducing boarding for Grade 5 boys and girls to access our beautiful campus and our holistic and academically focused education.  This is wonderful opportunity for children from around India and beyond to begin their boarding school experience in a calming, nurturing and safe environment. 

Pastoral care and development of leadership is key to the strength; it is at the heart of everything that we do.  Pastoral care in the boarding houses at TISB is underpinned by the philosophy that each and every child should be given bespoke individual care. Grade 5 boarders will not go through a day without their ‘boarding parent’ or another adult showing an interest in them and expressing a genuine concern for them. They all deserve to have an adult involved in guiding them and being a positive role model to them.  We achieve this by having a large number of teachers and staff residential living on campus, dedicated Grade 5 boarding parents, school nurses and school counsellors on hand to be proactive in their care and to ensure the children have a magical time at TISB. 

Communication is key and our “family feel” encourages dialogue between all the adults involved in a child’s care.  We would like parents to feel that they are a part of the boarding journey and that we work together to enrich the lives of the children in our care. 

A Boarding Day 

Our Grade 5 boarders have bespoke schedule which is designed to meet their pastoral and academic’ needs. 

A typical day for Grade 5 boarders: 

06.00 Wakeup call 
06.45 Breakfast with the other Junior boarders 
07.15 Go to PY line up area 
07.20 Registration in school with class Teachers 
07.30 School Starts 
14.30 School finishes, after school snacks available 
14.50 After school activities 
16.10 After school activities finish; Access to phone is allowed; Tuck-shop is available.
17.30 Supervised prep time starts 
18.45 Free time in the boarding house; Games/socialising/shower/quiet time 
19.30 Dinner 
20.30 Reading in bed and lights out 

Weekend activities 

At TISB there is variety of on-campus and off-campus activities, many which are organised by the senior boarders