United Nations Security Council

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the United Nations Security Council. We, Rineeth Raghu and Siddharth Abraham, are seniors at The International School Bangalore (TISB) and are privileged to be serving as the Directors of the Security Council at the fifth session of TISBMUN.

A committee that needs no introduction, the Security Council remains vital to the maintenance of international peace and security today. It is the committee that is best equipped to deal with the myriad issues that plague our ever changing world and also the only committee that can put forth binding resolutions. However, these powerful instruments will be accompanied by high quality debate that will force the most experienced delegates to think on their feet and innovate. To succeed in this Security Council, every delegate must have a thorough understanding of both foreign policy and the background of the agenda, which will enable committee to progress fluidly. So if you think you have what it takes to compete at the highest level, the Security Council might just be the committee for you.

Moving on from the committee to a bit about ourselves. Both of us were brought up in Bangalore, and were first introduced to Model United Nations in Grade 8. Funnily, we attended our first conference together, and since then, the two of us have attended MUNs all over the country, both as delegates with a predilection for the Security Council, and members of the Executive Board. Additionally, we’re both avid football fans, and diehard Manchester United supporters. Besides this, we share a common passion for Music, TV Shows, and FIFA. So if you want to talk to us or debate with us outside of committee, you know exactly what to bring up.

Getting back to business, we hope to be involved in fruitful sessions of intense debate with minimum digression from you delegates to contribute to the success of TISBMUN ’15. The two of us look forward to committee, as there are numerous important topics that we hope to discuss. Be advised delegates, we expect nothing less than your A game.

On a side note, please feel free to reach out to either of us. We can’t wait to see you in December!


Rineeth Raghu and Siddharth Abraham


United Nations Security Council





Combating the recurring threat in the Strait of Hormuz

The Strait of Hormuz is the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean and is one of the world's most strategically important naval passages. Being bordered by Iran and UAE, about 20% of the world's petroleum passes through the strait making it a highly important strategic location for international trade. However, amid growing tensions of possible embargoes and sanctions being imposed on Iran, the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, said that any attack on Iran would result in the sealing off of the Strait of Hormuz to wreak havoc in the oil markets. Most recently, the Iranian military threatened the use of armed forces against a commercial ship, forcing it to return to Iranian maritime borders. This has attracted a lot of attention with several States sending naval units to monitor the situation. Given this sustained tension in the region, it is imperative that the Security Council deploy preventive measures before the matter escalates further.