About TISB

The International School Bangalore (TISB) was one of the first IB boarding schools in the country and has quickly risen in prestige, claiming a seat as one of the top five international schools in the world (The Good Schools Guide, UK). As an international school, TISB stimulates intercultural relations and provides a platform for its students to become global citizens. TISB is the home of some of the best faculty in the nation, and their guidance has helped create a melting pot, where academic excellence meets character development. In short, a holistic approach to education and life is what TISB stands for.

TISB's multiple facilities provide endless opportunities for the expression of any skill a student may wish to explore. With an amphitheatre, libraries, computer labs, a world class auditorium which can seat more than a thousand, lush playing fields, and state-of-the art classrooms to name a few, TISB's facilities provide all the basic necessities and more for the making of a successful fest. TISB is the perfect venue for a MUN conference; sprawling over a spacious campus with greenery and fresh, unpolluted air. With a dedicated and experienced Executive Board and TISB's infrastructure on the job, there can be no better venue or setting for TISBMUN IV.