Welcome to TISBMUN

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors and Friends,

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to this year’s TISBMUN conference, which will be held from December 12th to 14th at TISB’s lush campus in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. Now in its fifth year, TISBMUN has grown to become one of Bangalore’s premier MUN conferences, drawing delegates from across India. TISB has one of India’s most competitive MUN Delegations, frequently winning at top conferences around India and the world.

This year’s conference incorporates intriguing agendas with alluring committees to deliver an unparalleled MUN experience. The cornerstone of TISBMUN has been its much acclaimed crisis committees. The Historical Joint Crisis Committees (JCCs) will build on this past success to ensure a thrilling crisis experience in true TISB spirit. Furthermore, committees such as Interpol, UNESCAP that are infrequently simulated are included for a more enriching experience. The FIFA Congress exemplifies TISB’s “MUN and more” philosophy; the art of diplomacy truly can be applied to all facets of our lives. The recent UN Sustainable Development Summit that unveiled the post-2015 sustainable development goals, with leaders like Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan stressing the importance of integrating technology such as Singapore’s automatically tweeting drainage system coupled with Mr. Modi’s Digital India Initiative have inspired our simulation of UNCSTD, a unique committee that fuses technology with development. For aspiring lawyers and experienced delegates, the ICJ with only 8 delegates, the side of the case assigned to delegates on the spot and a special “legal crisis” will offer a truly distinctive experience reflecting our commitment at TISB to innovate. Rest assured, the classic DISEC, quintessential UNSC and indispensable IPC are maintained. TISBMUN certainly offers a rewarding experience for every delegate!

The UN celebrated its seventieth anniversary recently, an opportunity to reflect on its triumphs in ensuring international security and a chance to learn from its failures. This provides a compelling context for delegates to think critically about the world’s challenges and the role of the UN. In our globalized world, respecting the dignity of every individual and embracing cooperation over conflict is a practical necessity. In Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s words we must “act in solidarity for the long-term.” As TISB is an international school with over 30 nationalities, TISBMUN serves as the ultimate setting to imbibe these values in delegates and augment ethnocultural empathy, the linchpin of international peace. At TISB, we always strive to improve ourselves. Accordingly, TISBMUN this year will introduce technological advancements to bolster the MUN experience. TISBMUN does not simply end with its captivating committees. Eminent guest speakers and enthralling social events will ensure you have a gala time both in and out of committee.

The loyal patronage of our delegates has only allowed us to grow so tremendously. I would like to thank you for choosing to be involved in TISBMUN V. We are certain the conference will offer you cherished memories and lead to invaluable friendships. Please feel free to contact me at smunukutla@tisb.ac.in. On behalf of the entire Secretariat, we are thrilled to host you this December.

Yours Sincerely,

Sasankh Munukutla



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Anushri Jain

Chargé d'Affaires

Anushri Jain is a senior at The international School Bangalore. Although of Indian origin, she spent her childhood in the United States and Japan. Having been exposed to a wide range of cultures, she cultivated an interest in economics, psychology, and politics and hopes to study these in the future. To expand her interest in global politics and economics, she began to MUN in 10th grade...

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Sasankh Munukutla


Sasankh Munukutla, currently a senior (12th Grade) at The International School Bangalore (TISB), started MUN from 7th Grade. MUN is one of his core passions. He has a wide array of experiences in MUN serving as a delegate, an envoy, a director and a conference crisis director for various national and international MUN conferences. Most notably Sasankh has served as an Assistant Director at Harvard MUN India 2014 and the Vice-Chair of the Security Council at Ivy League MUN Conference India 2014...

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Aditi Shenoy


Aditi Shenoy is a senior at The International School Bangalore. She’s been MUNning for three years, during which she’s won awards at various national and international conferences. She was recently an Assistant Director at Harvard MUN India. Aditi’s delighted to present TISBMUN to you this year, which she believes will be better than ever before. She’s lived in Mumbai, Bangalore and South Africa...

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